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What Is The Better Option: Consolidation Or Negotiation Of Debt

Today, unfortunately, many people find themselves under debt and are struggling to find a way out of their situations. There is no shortage of plans and schemes out there offering a way out of debt. At this time, it should suffice to deal with two major approaches to solving your debt problems and alleviating your financial woes. The first one is debt consolidation while the second is called debt negotiation. Either may prove to be an effective means to remove the weight of your debt load.
Debt Consolidation
If you are considering debt consolidation, you have a few options available to you. Many credit card companies and creditors offer customizable debt repayment plans can consolidate all of the debt and put it under a single payment that has a lower interest rate. There are also debt consolidation companies that specialize in the area of debt assistance. If you apply with one of these services, all or most of your outstanding debts are consolidated into a single monthly payment. This payment is typically lower per month and is offered at a lower interest rate than most creditors will allow.
Since this payment will be at a better rate and cost than you would have paid to credit card companies, you will likely save money each month, which can then be applied to future payments to pay the debt off faster. The big plus that most people attach to debt consolidation plans is that you will be able to silence the voices of multiple creditors as long as you consistently pay the new arranged payment amount with the consolidation company or other provider.
One of the cons of using debt consolidation is that you will be required to cancel all of your current credit cards that are represented in the consolidation plan. There are also fees associated with the plan, such as administration fees, that will affect the amount going towards the actual payment of your debt. Many fees are set at flat rates or set rates for each representative creditor. Bear all of these factors in mind.
Debt Negotiation
Another term for debt negotiation is debt settlement. This is an option that is often related to debt consolidation because most of those who choose to negotiate or settle their debts have shown that they are unable to keep up with the monthly payment associated with a consolidation plan. The person who believes they will not be able to pay that minimum amount, may want to look into debt settlement options to reduce credit and debt issues.
It is an attractive option for many people who have serious debt loads because they can essentially stop paying their creditors if they’ve enrolled with a debt negotiate company. These companies represent the client and work to negotiate a settlement price to wipe out the debt with the creditor. Any payments you make to the debt negotiation company are saved in an account for future use to pay off the negotiated settlement. This is usually a one-time payment that clears the client’s debt load.
One notable drawback with these types of services is that your credit score is often lowered by association with the company for the duration of the relationship. Of course, to offset this, most of the settlement companies will have the creditors gather a new credit report that that notes the total payoff of debt. Furthermore, any other negative effects on your credit can be fixed by credit repair services many of which are offered by the debt negotiation companies.

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