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Eliminate Debt, Watch Out for Scams

Millions of people search for help with eliminating their debt problems online. However, research into many of the websites aimed at “helping” people with their debt shows that many of these sites are actually misinformed, misleading, or outright scams. Read on to find out some of the things to avoid when you are searching for help with eliminating your debt.
The number one outright scams on the web right now when it comes to debt help are sites claiming that you can “legally” cancel your debt. These sites claim that you can get out of paying anything at all. Most of these websites use twisted logic and conspiracy theories to justify their methods. Of course, this sounds too good to be true because it is. These sites are simply outright lies.
Another problem those seeking help will run into is companies using misleading advertising. These companies are not generally outright scams or rip offs, but they can be very misleading. For example, many debt settlement companies advertise under “debt consolidation,” but a debt settlement program is not really consolidation at all! Furthermore, many debt settlement companies do not fully inform customers what exactly they are getting into.
There is one fairly common tactic used in debt elimination scams that is probably the most trouble of all: seemingly legitimate companies advertising seemingly legitimate services, while actually ripping customers off. This is by far the largest problem when it comes to getting help with eliminating debt online. Not only do they fool unsuspecting companies, but they cause the general public to become untrusting of the honest, legitimate companies who do provide helpful services to customers who need help in eliminating their debt.
While it is important to use extreme caution when searching for legitimate help with your debt, do not be discouraged by the unscrupulous companies online. There are still many companies who provide valuable, helpful services and give honest advice to consumers who are in need of help. The important thing is to learn how to sepArate the legitimate companies from the shady ones.
The first thing you should always do before working with a company is do your research. Learn a little about the company. Call and speak to an employee and ask a lot of questions. Make sure the organization does not have a poor record with the Better Business Bureau.
Finally, make sure that you use a little common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so ask a lot of questions. Proceed carefully, and you may find the help you need to eliminate your debt once and for all.

M. Carter is an accredited credit counselor and has been helping people eliminate debt for over 15 years. Be sure to check out his site to learn more about how you can get out of debt without getting scammed.
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Easy Steps to Rebuild your Credit With Debt Consolidation

You want to eliminate debt and you are considering a debt consolidation personal loan. You should know that getting this type of loans is not easily achieved. Your credit rank and credit history may compromise your ability to get a loan. In fact a small number of people do qualify for this kind of loans. There are however ways to eliminate debt with fewer requirements.

Unless you suddenly come across a legacy, there are not many chances that you will be receiving a large amount of money out of nowhere. You could of course ask for a home loan or refinance the mortgage on your home if you have already done so but there are many fees involved in this kind of transactions and you may not end up with the kind of money you were hoping for. Home Equity Loans

A smarter option would be to seek a Home Equity Lender. Home equity loans are easier to qualify for, the interest rates are also low and the lending process is faster too. An increase on the value of your home or simply the continued payments of your mortgage might have build equity on your home. You can turn this into fresh money by applying for this kind of loans. Moreover equity loans have very low fees or are even fee-free, which makes this definitely a better option compared to refinancing your mortgage.

The difference between the overall value of the property and the remaining of your mortgage debt is called equity. The amount of money you can borrow when you request a home equity loan depends on the equity on your home. And you will be able to get as much money as you need up to this limit. Pay Off And Avoid New Debt

In order to reduce your debts you can use the cash you get from a home equity loan to cancel your credit cards debt, pay bills, pay store cards, etc. Paying is the best way to rebuild your credit and remember to avoid getting into more debt and increasing your spending once you get the relief from this new sum.

Moreover, the monthly payments of the loan you request to consolidate your debt will contribute to raising your credit score as they will be recorded into your credit report. If you avoid missing payments or paying late, there soon be no stains in your credit history and you will recover your ability to get finance with lower interest rates, larger amounts and longer repayment programs. Budgeting

You should always follow a budget and make sure your income-spending ratio stays on track. Otherwise you will find yourself worst than at the beginning of this process and you may be seriously risking bankruptcy, ruining your credit for many years.

Melissa Kellett is an expert loan consultant who has worked for twenty years in the financial industry and helps people to repair their credit and get approved for home loans, unsecured personal loans, student loans, consolidation loans, car loans and many other types of loans and financial products. If you want to learn more about <a href="” rel=”nofollow”><a href="” rel=”nofollow”>Debt Consolidation Loans and <a href="” rel=”nofollow”>Debt Consolidation you can visit her site
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