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Is Credit Card Debt Relief Possible?

Credit card debt was an inevitable situation as credit cards became the norm in almost every household; increasingly people are using their cards just to pay for everyday goods. Very few people that can say they owe nothing on them and as a consequence these finance companies are now owed thousands of dollars on most of the cards that have been issued, unfortunately people are only now beginning to realize that the damage has been done. The easiest action to take is to arrange credit card debt relief whilst you are still in a position too.
The first thing to do before opting for financial help is to stop using the card all together because if this doesn’t happen it will be almost impossible to devise a debt relief plan. Once the debtor has decided to do something about the debts incurred they can start looking for a suitable credit card debt relief option. Whilst there are a number of debt consolidation options, the three mentioned below are the most common used for people in similar situations.
Obviously, the easiest way to proceed is to apply for a credit card with a low interest rate on balance transfers where the debt can be consolidated where repayments can be made regularly within a specified budget. If this method is not available then a consolidation loan may be a debt relief answer where a number of debts can be replaced with just one at a lower monthly installment.
This option does require a certain level of commitment on the debtor’s part as once the debts are clear there must be no temptation to use them again. Remember, consolidation by card or loan will only work if the debtor has not already damaged their credit history.
There are times when credit card debt relief is not possible by this route and it is left to negotiation, often by a specialist company. They will normally suggest a sum of around half the debt be paid off with the remaining amount canceled by the creditors.
The last option available to the debtor is to apply for bankruptcy which will clear all the debts and although this may sound inviting it should only be regarded as something done when all else has failed. This is the last resort for a debtor because once they declare bankruptcy, their credit standing fails and it will be difficult to get further loans; however, the positive aspect of filing for bankruptcy is it enables a fresh start. Whichever credit card debt relief option you take, remember that this should only ever be a one-off as important lessons about managing finances should be learnt so the situation is not repeated.

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Debt Relief Options
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Is There A Way Out From Credit Card Debt?

It was only a matter of time before the number of people experiencing credit card debt would increase; cards have become easier to obtain and more tempting to use, which is a lethal combination. The swipe and spend culture has created massive problems and people are now realizing just how foolish they have been just spending indiscriminately. Once this point has been reached then it only remains for some form of relief from the credit card debt to be arranged.
At this point it is important to start as you mean to go on and stop all spending on the card otherwise it will make arranging a debt relief plan much harder to implement. Making the decision can be the hardest part but no-one said credit card debt relief would be easy. There are various debt consolidation alternatives available but the three most common options are detailed below.
The easiest method of debt consolidation is where the person still has a good credit rating and uses another credit card that has a low rate of interest where all the debts can be transferred to one card. Another method is to arrange a consolidation loan to relieve the debt, then paying just one amount which is easier and within a budget.
This option does require a certain level of commitment on the debtor’s part as once the debts are clear there must be no temptation to use them again. Debt consolidation does require that the debtor is still able to access credit and that they will have sufficient funds to repay the loan.
If credit card debt relief is not available then negotiation remains and this is preferably left to a debt relief company that can deal with the card companies directly and negotiate payment conditions. They will normally suggest a sum of around half the debt be paid off with the remaining amount canceled by the creditors.
If all else fails the debtor is left with bankruptcy to clear the debts but this is not something that should ever be looked upon as the first course of action as there are serious consequences to be considered. The debts may be clear but they will find it hard to get any form of credit for a long time and will have to rebuild their credit history from scratch although it does enable them to have a fresh start. Credit card debt relief should not be something you ever repeat because it will mean you haven’t learnt anything from your experience.

Anthony Dean has helped thousands reduce their credit card debt. Find out how he can help you.
Debt Relief Options
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Debt Consolidation: Do it yourself

There are many consolidation agencies out there offering their services and promising to solve your debt problems just by joining their programs. There are many companies that do what they promise for a fair price and will help you recover from a bad credit situation. However, if your situation is not so complicated, you can carry out your own debt consolidation process without too many hassles.

If you do not have too many creditors and different types of loans and credit cards, solving your debt problems does not have to be so complicated. You can save the money a debt consolidation company will charge you and solve your financial difficulties by yourself.

Debt Negotiation

The main part of a debt consolidation program is debt negotiation. What you need to do is to contact the lenders and try to speak with someone who has the ability to decide over your debt. This can usually be done with personnel from administrative or legal departments. Customer Service will not help you on this matter; just ask them to put you through to the proper department.

Once you have contacted the lender, you need to make things clear. You have to state that you are unable to repay your debt under the current terms and that you need to have your debt rescheduled under more advantageous terms in order for them to get their money back. Do not mean it as a menace, you need to sound concerned, they need to understand that you want to pay but you can not and that if they are flexible enough they will be able to recover their money without entering long and costly legal processes.

Unless the lender holds a real estate guarantee, chances are that they will tailor a new loan with favorable terms so you can retake your monthly payments without sacrifices. If you are convincing enough you can get all the debt created due to punitive fees and interests eliminated and a new loan reschedule to suit your needs.

Get A Loan For Consolidating

Another thing you can do, either instead or after debt negotiation is to obtain a loan for a considerable amount repayable over a long period of time so you can use the money to cancel outstanding debt and end up with a single monthly payment with a lower interest rate. By doing so you will get the same results as a debt consolidation company handling your payments. You will have a single monthly installment to worry about and you will also save thousands of dollars on interests over the whole life of the loan.

Doing this after debt negotiation is better, since you will already have reduced your debt substantially after debt negotiation. If you add to that reduction the money you save by exchanging your current debt with a single debt consolidation loan, you will really improve your financial situation and you will be able to recover from bad credit within a couple of months.

In order to get approved for such a loan you will need to hold some equity on your home. This kind of loan can only be obtained by applying for a secured loan. A home loan, a cash out refinance loan and a home equity loan are the options suggested by most debt advisors.

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Should You Consolidate Your Debts Or Negotiate

There seems to be a cry of desperation rising because so many people want to know how to escape from their debt. They are sinking deeper and deeper into the sea of credit card debt. There seems to no way to pay down the interest so you can begin paying on the principal. How do you stop this relentless cycle of making payments each month and yet never see anything but a future of endless payments?
You may be encountering some schemes on the internet or on the TV which offer a solution to your debt problems. They may or may not work for you but you really need to research the program completely before going forward with it. These schemes promise to let you in on the secrets to achieving freedom from debt. The question is, will they actually deliver good results?
What you really need is some proven solutions to end your current debt circumstances. There are the options of debt consolidation and debt negotiation. Depending on the type of debt you have, one or the other may work for you.
Credit card companies and creditors offer debtors adjustable debt repayment programs which can be used to combine or consolidate all of your outstanding debts under a single lower interest payment. Many of these debt consolidation agencies specialize in putting together specific debt assistance plans for their clients including debt consolidation. These agencies usually offer a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments than the typical creditor charges. This will make more money available to pay on other necessities each month.
There are some disadvantages to debt consolidation plans. You will have to cancel all your credit cards which are included in the program for debt consolidation. You will have to pay administration fees and these will be included with monthly payments. The fees may be assessed as a flat rate or it may be determined by the creditor who is the coordinator of the debt consolidation program.
Debt negotiation is a process that is related to debt consolidation. If you have made an attempt to do a debt consolidation plan, but were unable to make the payments, you may be eligible for debt negotiation or debt settlement. These types of arrangements for settlement of debt are used by some debtors to reduce their total debt or even in some situations eliminate it completely.
When you hire a debt negotiation service the service company will serve as a representative in all matters related to your debt. You will not have to pay the creditors directly as the debt negotiation agency will seek to make an agreement on the amount you will have to pay to put yourself back in a good credit standing. The negotiation service is paid a fee that is inserted in an escrow account and used to pay for expenses and to make future payment to the creditor when a settlement is reached.
Your credit score will be adversely affected by debt negotiation; however the damages can be minimized if the debt negotiation company requests that the creditors get a revised credit report. This will verify that the debt has been wiped out.

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Are There Different Debt Consolidation Programs?

As regards to debt reduction there are many terms that can easily confuse those who are not used to them: Debt relief, debt negotiation, debt settlement, debt consolidation, debt consolidation loans. All this concepts, though related, are different and each one has serious implications in your finances both advantageous and not.

Whenever someone accumulates too much debt and finds it too difficult to repay, resorting to some kind of debt elimination program is the smart way to go. Each one has different success rates that can sometimes achieve up to a 70% debt reduction helping the debtor in the process of becoming debt free.

Debt Relief

”Debt relief” just like “debt elimination” are concepts that refer to a wide range of services. Most companies who advertise themselves as debt relief providers actually offer a debt consolidation service, a debt negotiation service, debt consolidation loans, debt settlements or a combination of two or more of them.

Should you want to hire their services, make sure to know beforehand what is exactly what they do. Otherwise you may be letting them to dispose of your finances and they may affect your credit score negatively providing little help to your debt problem.

Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiation implies agreeing with the debtor’s creditors new repayment programs with debt reductions, interest rate reductions and extensions on the repayment schedules so as to ease the situation of the debtor by providing lower monthly payments he will be able to afford.

Debt negotiation can be done by an individual (even yourself) or a debt negotiation company. These companies have expert negotiators that can obtain the creditor commitment of showing the debt fully paid after negotiation so your credit report will not be affected negatively. However, during the process your credit score may be affected.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement has two possible meanings: It can refer, as debt negotiation, to the process of agreeing with creditors new repayment programs or it can imply some sort of legal settlement. This means that if to some extent your debt problem has become a legal problem, a debt settlement company (usually a law firm or a company with expert lawyers) will be able to reach an agreement with the creditors and take your debt problem out of courts.

Debt Consolidation And Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation agencies also negotiate with your creditors but generally have agreements made with credit card providers and loan lenders, so the process is a lot simpler. Once you contact a debt consolidation agency, just by seeing who you owe money to, they can tell you to what extent your debt can be reduced. Usually, in order for the lenders and financial institutions to agree to debt reductions, they commit to take care of payments themselves. So, each month you will pay a lump sum to the debt consolidation agency and they will take care of the rest.

Sometimes, in order to provide you with this single monthly payment, you are approved for a debt consolidation loan with a lower interest rate than the average of your debt’s rates and a longer repayment schedule too. This kind of loan can also be requested directly to some lenders but approval is easier if the lender knows for sure you will use it only to cancel debt and that can only be done through a debt consolidation company.

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Choosing the Right Debt Settlement Company

Choosing the Right Debt Settlement Company

A Google search for “Debt Help” will generate page after page of financial service companies offering different solutions to help you get out of debt. The various “Debt Help” options are generally Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidation, and Bankruptcy. In this article I will focus on Debt Settlement and what you can look out for in the consultation process to help you make your decision with confidence. For more information on Debt Settlement and how it works, please visit

Most Debt Settlement (also known as Debt Reduction) companies follow a similar process in qualifying and enrolling their clients into the program. I will break this down into 5 steps:

1. Initial Contact: Many customers will find a list of “Debt Help” companies by typing phrases into search engines such as Credit Card Debt, Get out of Debt, or Debt Relief. The initial contact will be initiated by filling out a form or calling the company directly. This first call will give you the most clues on what kind of business you are dealing with. The most important thing to remember is that Debt Settlement does not work for everybody. If a Debt Consultant makes the program sound like everyone gets accepted, you do not want to go with that organization. The only way a company can successfully reduce your debt is if you are in a financial hardship. Basically, if you don’t need the help, the program will not work because the creditors will have no reason to lower your debt amounts. If you’re current on the bills you still might qualify for debt reduction but only if you are struggling to make the minimum payments. If a Debt Consultant neglects to ask about your state of affairs and pushes you to send in your credit card statements, hang up and call a firm that cares about your specific predicament. An ethical Debt Consultant representing a reputable firm will discuss all the aspects of Debt Settlement, both positive and negative. Remember If it sounds too good to be true, it is. If the initial phone conversation is going well and you have a general understanding of how Debt Settlement works, then it is time to have the company review your credit card/loan statements or a credit report.

2. Submission of Credit Report or Statements: If a company approves you without reviewing your statements, this is a bad sign. Reputable Debt Reduction services will want to review your statements or a credit report to do a comparative analysis. Having the company review your information is part of the approval process and in no way should commit you to anything. This part of the process is crucial because the specific creditors that you are indebted to historically settle at different amounts. The amount by which a creditor will reduce your debt will vary depending on the debt settlement company, financial hardship, creditor collection practices, and credit card delinquency. The job of the Debt Reduction Company is to take everything into account and give you the most accurate quote possible. If you speak with a Debt Relief company and this step is missing, I would not recommend taking the process any further.

3. Underwriting: The underwriting (also known as approval, qualification) process is designed to ensure that only qualified applicants are being approved for the program. This is an extremely important step to a reputable Debt Settlement firm because it’s a system intended to help ensure that approved applicants make the transition to satisfied clients with the highest rate of success possible. If a company is letting everyone in the door, chances are many of these clients are getting settlements rejected by their creditors because they are not qualified to have a Debt Reduction.

4. Approval: If you are approved for a Debt Settlement program the consultant will be able to tell you how much your monthly payment is and for roughly how long it will take for you to be debt free. In the field of Debt Settlement the successful programs are usually not more that 3-4 years in length. Every creditor has a window of opportunity when they are willing to accept settlements and the vast majority will be approved within 3 and 42 months. If a company says that they can reduce your debt by fifty percent and offers you a 5 year program, be cautious. In Debt Settlement the creditors will be paid off one at a time and the possibility of legal action from the creditor increases as the debt becomes more delinquent.

5. Agreement: If the approval is within range and you would like to move forward the next step is to look at the agreement. The agreement should clearly state your monthly payment and fee schedule. Make sure to read the entire document and write down any extra questions that come up. You should be able to cancel the Debt Settlement mid-program if needed, without being responsible for future monthly payments. Of course nobody enters a Debt Settlement Program intending to cancel 10 months down the road but if something unexpected happens to your income, you need to be able to sever the relationship. If you read the agreement and it seems the opposite of what your Debt Consultant explained to you, it is not a wise idea to sign up with that company.

Now that you have found the best company for your needs focus on your new monthly payment. If you ever can afford to pay above your minimum monthly, I highly recommend doing so. Remember, the goal is to pay off this debt as fast as possible. Stay in communication with the customer service department and refer communication from your creditors to the Debt Relief Company. Before you know it the debt will be showing $0 balances and you will be on the road to financial freedom. If you ever get discouraged in the program and the anticipated 2-3 years to pay off the debt, just remember the alternative of making minimum monthly payments or the financial position you were in before the program started.

Adam Jasa is the Founder of Select Debt Relief He has years of experience working in the finance and real estate fields, most recently with the Freedom Financial Network in their Financial Consulting Department. He is an expert in the different options available to consumers with unmanageable debt burdens. His company, Select Debt Relief is a member of Debt Resolution Partners which currently manages over $900 million of consumer debt.
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Debt Reduction to Canceled is the Best Kind of Debt Elimination

Are there ways to eliminate credit card debt or obtain debt reduction from the high balances and payments? Is it possible to just get your entire debt canceled? Do you really think that there are positive uses of a credit card? Like rebates and airline miles? Let me give you the gospel on this: responsible use of a credit card does not exist. Credit card debt is a major problem in America. We have a need to eliminate debt of any kind! There is NO positive side to credit card use. You will spend more if you use credit cards. Even by paying the bills on time, you are not beating the system! But most families don’t pay on time. The average family today carries $8,000 in credit card debt according to the American Bankers’ Association.

Now let’s talk about the rebates. If you were using a credit card at 5%, you would have had to spend $80,000 to get $4,000 rebates on new cars that lost $6,000 of value when you drove them off the lot. That is not a good deal!Dealing with the enticing of Credit Card Companies that take advantage of consumers by luring them in with low interest, no fees and a high credit line. These banks encourage consumers to charge much saying that they will receive back a small percentage of interest as a savings when the banks receive from the consumers twenty percent interest or more on the purchases made.Think about Cash vs. Credit Cards when purchasing!When you pay cash, you can “feel” the money leaving you. This is not true with credit cards. Flipping a credit card up on a counter registers nothing emotionally. If you use credit cards instead of cash you will spend 12-18% more. This is money you could have saved.If you “have to” use plastic, I suggest a debit card. I use them for travel and the occasional convenience of ordering something over the Internet or phone. Other than that, I use cash. Personal finance is 80% behavior. You need to cut out habits that make you spend more.You do not build wealth with credit cards. Use common sense. When you play with a multi-billion dollar industry and you think you’re going to win at their game, you are naive. You cannot beat the credit card companies.The Banks and credit card companies are making millions of dollars off of our purchases and then give us back pennies as an incentive to charge more. How can you eliminate debt using their program?I believe that there are many people who are struggling with credit card debt and see no way out except bankruptcy or debt consolidation. I believe that there is a way to get your debt canceled or reduced to pennies on the dollar. There has to be a new alternative out of debt for the one who does not have the resources to pay their debt.

Credit Card Debt information, debt counseling, debt management, debt consolidation, debt solutions, debt reduction, financial Counseling, debt negotiation, debt relief and being debt free are the many terms we use for saying that we just want our debt canceled.

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