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Reducing Debt With a Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan

If you are finding that your credit card debt is so overwhelming it might be time to start thinking about a loan to consolidate your credit balances into one more manageable loan. While this type of loan can help relieve the stress of too much debt you do have to remember that consolidating your outstanding balances is just transferring your existing debt into another form of debt.The idea behind a credit card debt consolidation loan is to make it easier to pay off your debt with lower monthly payments and interest rates. You do have to approach this with the motivation that doing a consolidation loan is simply a tool you are using on the road to financial freedom. As such you will need to adhere to several rules if you want to successfully use the loan for its intended purpose; becoming debt free.• Destroy all your credit cards. They are the reason you are in this mess and keeping them around is just asking for trouble.• You need to calculate exactly how much credit card debt you have and ask for this amount in your loan. Resist the temptation to get more then you need because now is not the time to add to your debt load by purchasing things you don’t need.• Pay off your debts immediately. Having a large amount of cash on hand might tempt you to use that money for something you’ll later regret.• When you receive you next credit card statement the balance should be zero dollars. Now part of becoming debt free is to stop using credit to buy things you can’t pay cash for so call and cancel those accounts as those zero balance statements appear in your mail box. You don’t want them sending you new cards.• Don’t even think about applying for a new credit card. All those applications you get in the mail should go directly into the trash.Some of this may sound harsh but reducing debt is not something to take lightly. It needs to be attacked head on until it is gone.This is even more true if you take out a debt consolidation loan because in most cases in is a home equity loan of some type that is secured by the equity in your home. You have to be certain that you can meet the monthly payments or risk losing your home to foreclosure. Adding more credit card debt to an already dangerous situation is asking for trouble.Credit card debt consolidation should only be done as a means to improve your financial situation. The payments need to fit your budget and the interest rate needs to be fixed for the life of the loan. Nothing can strain your budget worse then an adjustable rate that is continuously going upwards. If you are thinking of going this route to reduce your debt then you owe it to yourself and your family to research your options very thoroughly.

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