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Penalty Charge Notice – How to Cancel

Have you received a Penalty Charge Notice for a violation of any of the millions of Statues, Rules and Regulations that our dear Government are foisting upon us?
Most common ones are for Parking Violations, Driving faster than the speed they have declared is right, paying something after their deadline, or not providing them with something they demand.
The fact is that you have been a victim of a gigantic deception that has been going on for a very long time. You have been tricked to believe that they stand above you in the law. That they have authority over You. This is simply not true.
The fact is that You are actually senior to the Government – because you are a living thinking flesh and blood being, which a government is not. A government is nothing but an idea expressed on paper – a corporation, a legal fiction, all be it a large one. It itself does not exist in the Physical Universe as such – the employees, land and buildings of it does, but the government itself does not. You can sign a contract – the government can’t. How can an idea expressed on paper hold a pen?? Only another human being authorized to sign on behalf of the government can. And that human being is your equal before the law.
What does this all have to do with dealing with a Penalty Charge Notice, I hear you say. Well, it has everything to do with that. If you understood where you stand in relation to the law you would not be where you are today. Did you know that your car is not yours? Look at the Registration Certificate – you are only listed as the “keeper”. You signed it over to the state when you signed the registration papers. That is why they can take it and crush it if you do not pay the “keepers fee” (tax). That is why they can demand that you keep it insured (it is their property and they do not want to be liable for what you do with it).
I am not saying that you need to study the millions of Statues expressed in various Acts issued by the Government. You need to learn Who and What you are in the eyes of the law and what law applies to You. This can be done in a relatively short time.
If you are given an “On the Spot” fine by a police officer, he might want you to sign it and will keep the Original for himself and give you a Copy. But that “Ticket” is actually a “Bill of Exchange” and as such you have the right to ask for the Original. Do not refuse to sign it, that will put you in dispute (they want this, so they can take you to Court to settle the dispute), instead say: “I recognise that as a Bill of Exchange. I accept your Bill of Exchange – please give me the original which I have a right to ask for”. Most likely it will be swapped for a “Warning”.
Lucky for us, there are some people who have invested a lot of time in understanding the laws and the legal system, so as to give us a way out of this system and stand up for our natural rights. If you follow my link you will be introduced to such a group. If you join my mailing list, I will get a link to a book that explains how the system actually works and I will give you a template for dealing with any Penalty Charge Notice. You will also get to a Video that explains how the Law was set up and has been used to trick us to submit to all the Taxes, Fines and millions of Rules. None of which has to apply to You.
A word of warning though: Our adversaries will try to fight back and bluff you, so you need to do some study before you put it into action, and as with anything in life there are no guarantees. But many have used this successfully. Me included.
If you do not receive the template automatically in the first days, just reply to an e-mail from me and I will attach it to my reply.
The Book you will get is by a woman who was in despair about debt, and her journey from there to where she had her debts cancelled, where she gained some access to a secret account the Government had created in Her name (we all have one), and where she realized she did not have to pay Income Tax and walked out of the Tax office laughing. She now lawfully drives a car that is truly hers for which she pays no Tax or normal insurance. She even gave up her Drivers Licence and now uses one she made on her own computer.
What she did anyone can do – if they want. You can be a lot more Free. It is your choice.
Kent Bengtsson

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