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Debt Consolidation Loan: What is this Program?

A debt consolidation loan program combines traditional debt negotiation with a debt consolidation loan so the borrower can get a reduction on his debt via negotiation while at the same time getting lower rates and a single and lower monthly installment with a repayment schedule suit for his budget.

Debt Negotiation

When you fail to repay a loan, the minimum payments on your credit cards or even regular bills, you usually incur in penalty fees and extra interest rates that contribute to a continued growth of your debt. Creditors tend to increase the amount that is owed to them by these means because they have additional costs when you fail to repay but also because they know that eventually they may be forced to resign a portion of the money, thus by increasing your debt they make sure to get as much as possible.
However, since this is a common practice among lenders, borrowers can easily fall into a debt trap with all those penalty fees and abusive interest rates. Debt consolidation agencies provide expert negotiators that know exactly how to deal with creditors and can agree with them a solution to your debt problems. If you have to file for bankruptcy, then they won’t be able to recover but a small portion of their money, so they are more than willing to show flexibility when a negotiator gets in touch with them.

Agreements can reduce your debt by up to a 60%. The main reduction is obtained by eliminating the interests charged over the debt’s principal and the capitalization of interests. Sometimes you can even get a reduction on the principal itself. And though it is not a reduction, you can get an ease on your debt by rescheduling the loan payments into longer repayment plans.

Debt Consolidation Loans after Negotiation
Once a reduction on your debt is achieved you can get even better terms by applying for a debt consolidation loan. The money you get from the loan will be used to cancel outstanding debt so you’ll end up with a single and lower monthly payment. By doing so your debt won’t be a huge burden anymore and you will afford the installments without making sacrifices. There is however, a limitation that you should be aware of.

Secured and Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Consolidation Loans cannot be used to consolidate secured debt. If you have different kind of debt you must resort to either a unique secured consolidation loan to cancel all your debt or an unsecured consolidation loan to consolidate unsecured debt and a refinance loan in order to consolidate secured debt like mortgage loans and home equity loans.

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