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Cancel Debts Lawfully! Help Others Become Solvent

How would you like to have a Business that allowed you to help people with Debts. Do you think you would be busy? Would this be recession proof?
Here is the background:
When a Credit Card Company, Bank or Financial Institution extend a loan to you, they take money from their own Reserves or the Depositors money held in Trust and make this available to you on the condition that you pay it back with interest, Right? NOT AT ALL!!!!
In truth, what happens is that when you apply for a loan, this application is then converted to an IOU (I Owe You) / Negotiable Instrument, which in the eyes of all parties involved (except you – you ignorant fool) has the value of the sum written on it. So the bank takes your application and enter it into its accounting ledgers as a deposit, or sells it for the stated value and enters the value received into it’s accounting as a deposit.
Now the Bank actually owes you money.
To balance it’s books the Bank or Card Company now releases credit (that came out of thin air) into your account, to the stated value. Now the books of the bank are balanced. No one owes anyone anything. But they do not inform us about this, if this became public knowledge the whole scam would fold – who would like to repay money they actually created themselves??
Why should we work hard for years to pay the banks money they have already gotten and for which they are just doing some computerized book keeping? Where is the Banks risk? Nowhere! They have already been paid. Where is your risk? In years of labour, in possibly loosing your possessions and your good name. Is there a balance here?
This probably explains how the Banks can make these extreme profits and have all these fantastic buildings. How would you like to have a business where you can print money at no cost and get paid twice for it as well as collecting interest on top?
So you have to pay the whole sum again plus interest! You can see what an fantastically profitable scam this is. If you or I did create money out of nothing, we would soon be in jail for counterfeiting. But the Banks have bought the Politicians and control the Justice System, so they have made this kind of legal.
But there is a weakness in their system. They did not reveal this to you when you signed for the “loan” so the Contract is not valid. Contract Law is very clear on what has to be in a valid contract. There are a few more things that they normally omit, which makes it possible take them on and eventually have the debt canceled.
Also, did you know that the Debt Collection Agencies have no legal leg to stand on. One can just refuse to engage with them – as long as one makes this known in writing and stands ones ground they will eventually back off. Do not talk to them. Ask them to prove their case and admit to nothing. Do not ever agree that they have any rights to collect or that you owe anything. If you do, you have agreed that they can extort money from you.
They will have that on tape and make a transcript of it. They might use this against you in court.
If you want to learn more about this and get in contact with a Group that can help you to legally challenge Debts or Introduce others in need to the Group, follow the link.
If you follow this link and join my mailing list you will get two Books that explains in full how them money system works and a lot more. This will be the actual story of how this society actually works, not the false image we are fed daily trough media, news and the Education System. Reality is very different from appearance, but do not take my word for it – investigate yourself!
You will also receive a template for dealing with Fixed Penalty Charges, like parking tickets, late payment fees etc. You do not have to part with your money for things like that. Once you understand how the Government is holding you to ransom, you will also see ways out of the trap.
Let this be your first step on a road that will lead to a great Business and much greater freedom than you thought possible, while earning a good or great living. You will even learn how to deal with the Tax man, the Law, etc.
Kent Bengtsson

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