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October 13th, 2009:

Card Debt Negotiation. Reducing your Credit Card Debt

People these days can easily drown in debts because of the effects they acquire and need to pay at the same time. People take on so many expenses that they do not visualize a future of financial breakdown, and in some critical cases, even bankruptcy.

Credit card debt is the most common type of debt because it is extremely easy to get a hold of several credit cards at once. Because of this, credit card debt negotiation has become more and more popular. People are now realizing that having several credit cards is not always the best way of purchasing something.

Credit card debt negotiation is the most reliable way to reduce credit card debt, lower rates or negotiating for reduced balances. With reduced interest, you can pay off the principal faster with the same monthly payment. The other approach is debt settlement, which eliminates part of your debt at the cost of your credit score.

– How does the credit card debt negotiation process work? –

The credit card debt negotiation process has several steps that will gradually improve the client’s current situation and will deal with the problems that credit card debts bring into a client’s financial life. These are the steps:

1. Transferring balances: The credit card debt negotiation program will first advice the client to move all of his credit card debt into a new one free of charge. The payments will be easy to make and will go directly to the principal amount and no to the interest fees as it always does.

2. Remake deals with creditors: after making the decision of transferring your balances by suggestion of the card debt negotiation counseling team, do not start cancelling accounts until the final bill has been paid because the company could charge a higher interest rate if you close the account having an outstanding balance.

3. Create a personal budget: the card debt negotiation program recommends outlining a personal budget to visualize how to free oneself from debt. People tend to relax after entering the credit card debt negotiation program and start thinking that the counselors will solve his/her problems. That is why some clients take a long time to leave the program. Clients stop paying attention to the offers the counselors get and because of that, the creditors start looking for legal solutions, such as a summons.

– Is there anything else to be done to speed up the card debt negotiation process? –

One of the most important changes people can make in order to speed up the credit card debt negotiation process is learning how to live a normal life without exceeding credit card use. As we mentioned before, the average US citizen has 4 to 5 credit cards, but a single source of income. What people do not realize is that every credit card can hold their interest charges and monthly fees. Not everything has to be paid with credit cards, and that is one of the main objectives of the card debt negotiation program: teach people when and how to use credit cards.

Credit card debt negotiation acts as debt settlement, but this procedure is usually followed in the case of unsecured loans. In this process, a borrower can quench his credit card debt burden. Some times borrowers can get help from various debt settlement agencies in order to negotiate with lenders.

Credit card debt negotiation is a unique program that enables borrowers to manage their credit card debts properly. In order to reduce the unnecessary burden and stay away from all sorts of debt trouble, the credit card debt negotiation program is the ultimate solution that one can opt for.

We have different articles on interesting topics and current and former clients’ experiences with our programs. Take a look at the different situations on Card Debt Negotiation and related topics that people can fall into and how to keep yourself a debt free person.

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Business Debt Negotiation. Settling your Business Debts

Business debt Negotiation has become more and more a popular option in recent years like the most successful debt solution in the market for any financial difficulties. People can apply for business debt negotiation or personal debt negotiation but one of the main problems nowadays is that the internet has lots of misinformation about these processes, causing people to distrust these programs, due to the huge amount of scams on the net.

– What is business debt negotiation?-

Business debt negotiation is a process by which businesses negotiate with their creditors to reduce the balance of their total amount of debt. Depending on the client’s circumstances, the creditors will decide what percentage the debt will be reduced to, the reduction can be as low as 40 to 50 percent. Once the creditor receives the funds the account will be zeroed out and your business will be debt free again.

– How does business debt negotiation affect the credit score? –

If you have been paying your debt on time and you are used to having your accounts current your credit score will surely be affected, and the business debt negotiation program will have a negative impact on your account, but there is one detail worth mentioning, before you attempt to apply for the business debt negotiation program, you see, before a creditor decides to see the possibility of accepting less than the complete balance as payment, your account must be in a delinquent state meaning that at least your business will have to be behind 3 months on monthly payments.

After your business has settled or negotiated every account and every deal has been paid then the account is closed and is reported as paid in full and the credit report will reflect a zero balance on each account. After that, each account of the credit report will begin to return to a number that is acceptable and eventually you will be able to obtain a mortgage, a car loan, or any other type of credit, once again. This happens generally a few months after finishing the whole process of the business debt negotiation.

– Is there any tax liability after applying the business debt negotiation program? –

When the creditor has already agreed to settle your account for less than the full amount, they are required by the IRS to report the canceled debt, if the amount of the forgiven debt is $550 or greater you may have to pay some taxes, although there is a possibility that you may not be required to do so if you can prove that you were “insolvent” at the time you finished settling your debts.

Here is some advice for those businesses that are suffering from debt and are thinking about applying for the business debt negotiation program:

Do not wait until your business has gone bankrupt, because there are several ways of helping you with your debts, although bankruptcy may seem very useful, it is at first, but like any radical solution it also brings lots of side effects that you will have to carry for several years to come. It is not easy to make decisions being a business entrepreneur, that is why you should always look out for the professional counseling that the business debt negotiation program offers. After successfully finishing the program you can enjoy of the learning programs that the business debt negotiation program has that will help you make decisions regarding your business financial future and will guide you both through the debt free road.

We have different articles on interesting topics and experiences from current and former clients with our programs. Take a look at related topics of different situations on Business Debt Negotiation that people can fall into and how to keep yourself a debt free person.

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What is the Exact Definition of Debt Relief?

Debt relief can be any financial product or process that provides liberation from debt or aid in the process of eliminating it. Let’s see which alternatives in the financial industry provide debt relief:

As explained, there is no unique financial product or process that provides debt relief. There are many alternative solutions to debt problems that are more or less efficient according to the nature of the debts involved. Some of the solutions available are: Credit Counseling, Consolidation Loans, Debt Settlement, Money Management and last but not means least: Bankruptcy. Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling is probably the first option that you should consider when seeking debt relief. Credit counseling is advice provided by professionals with expertise in the financial field given to inform consumers about how to responsibly use credit and financial products so as to keep debt at bay and get out of serious debt problems when your repayment capacity is reduced. There are non-profit organizations that will provide this advice for free, but there are others that will charge a small fee. Consolidation Loans Consolidation loans are a form of debt relief because the money obtained from a consolidation loan is used to repay outstanding debt. What consolidation loans help you obtain is a reduction of your debt exposure by postponing the repayment of your debt and by reducing the amount of money you spend on interests and principal every month. With a consolidation loan you replace expensive debt with a single loan that features lower and affordable monthly payments. Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a process with which the debtor obtains aid from an agent or professional negotiator that agrees with his creditors new repayment programs, cuts on the particular debts and better terms so as to make debt more affordable and easier to pay off. The process puts the debtor’s financial life in order but restricts the ability to obtain finance even with credit cards or personal loan products for a short period of time. Once debt is settled the debtor’s credit score will start recovering slowly but uninterruptedly. Money Management

Money management are a series of techniques that are thought to the debtor so as to aid him in effectively manage his income and expenses. These techniques tend to reduce the client’s debt exposure and income to debt ratio so as to make payments more affordable but also help him to budget all spending and manage money more efficiently so as to avoid late or missed payments. Bankruptcy

Last (and we should say “least”), bankruptcy is also an option to bring debt relief to your finances. There are two separate processes but the main idea is to resort to a legal debt elimination system where the debtor’s assets are sold and the creditors collect their money up to the available limit and almost all debts are then cancelled. If at all possible, a repayment alternative with debt reductions is agreed so creditors can collect a higher amount by offering a longer and affordable repayment plan. Otherwise, they have to agree to receive whatever is available and lose the rest of their credit balance.

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Credit Card Spending Out Of Control? Get A Low Debt Consolidation Loan Rate And Save

The debt consolidation loan rate makes all the difference to your monthly outgoings and your long term savings on interest. The lower the rate, the more monthly disposable income will be available to you for other things, and the lower the overall cost of the loan.
It’s therefore worth taking the time to locate the best debt consolidation loan rate you can find. Professional debt consolidation services may be able to save you time and assist you in finding the best deal. However, you need to make sure that they are not tied to particular products and are genuinely unbiased.
A home equity loan will generally offer the best debt consolidation loan rate. So, if you have enough equity in your home, this type of loan may well be the best way to reduce monthly expenses and save on interest costs. The downside is that your home will be security and if you don’t make a payment the lender has the right to foreclose.
The most popular loan for consolidating debt is an unsecured personal loan. A good personal loan will still offer a lower debt consolidation loan rate than you will be paying on multiple credit cards and other loans, however an unsecured personal loan does not risk your assets if you fall into financial difficulties.
Surprisingly, a low-rate credit card can also offer a low debt consolidation loan rate and be a viable way to combine your debts under one umbrella. However, the very flexibility offered by a low rate credit card can also keep you in debt. The same applies to lines of credit. A home equity line of credit, in particular, can offer a low debt consolidation loan rate, but the risk is not only that your home is security, it is that there is no fixed term and the very flexibility offered by such loans can keep you up to your neck in debt. It is a mistake to only consider your monthly savings from debt consolidation.
Long term debt costs a borrower a lot of money in interest charges. While a low interest loan will reduce these costs, the aim must be to become debt free. Flexible loan options require discipline on your part to avoid allowing debt to get out of control again. They are most useful for ongoing and unexpected medical costs, education or repairs or renovations that require partial payments. The benefit is that you don’t increase your debt until you absolutely have to.
If you are facing huge credit card balances and are at your wit’s end, consolidating your debts under a much lower debt consolidation loan rate offers a simple solution to your debt problem. If you act responsibly and cancel your credit cards and lines of credit once they are paid out, debt consolidation can be a significant step towards becoming totally debt free. In the mean time your monthly finances will be easier to manage and life will be less stressful.

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