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September 11th, 2009:

Tips For Curing Debt Problems

It may seem like you are owned by your debts, almost as if your credit card debt owns you.  However, this simply isn’t true.  There are some very serious ways to get out from under your credit card debt and other forms of unsecured debt.  They involve sacrifice and discipline, but if you’re determined, you can overcome your debts and live a financially secure life, free from collection agency phone calls.

Here are some simple tips you can follow that will help you get free from your debt problems, and have a financially secure future.

1.    Cut up your credit cards.  You can keep some for emergencies, but odds are if you have thousands of dollars in credit card debt, you have a problem using them responsibly.  Don’t feel ashamed about this, just acknowledge that you need to put them away, at least for a couple of years, and focus on living within your means instead of trying to “keep up with the joneses.”  You may even want to give your emergency card to a good friend or family member, someone you know you can trust, so that you have to go through someone in order to get that card back.

2.    Cancel all your credit lines.  If you have a personal loan or another line of financing, you’re probably paying seriously interest as well as abusing this line of credit.  You need to take a step back, work to pay off your debt and once you can do this your improved credit score will allow you to get a better interest rate on any future loans or lines of credit.

3.    Request lower interest rates on debt.  Contacting your credit cards, your personal loan lenders and other lines of credit to renegotiate your interest rates could save you a bundle.

4.    Transfer as much debt as possible to the credit card that has the lowest interest rate.  This may save you thousands of dollars over the next few years and work as a mild form of debt consolidation.

5.    Use cash.  After going through your debt and assessing your debt problems, it’s time to begin using cash for all of your purchases.  This means living within your means, ignoring any credit cards in your wallet and sacrificing in order to cure your debt problems.

6.    Commit to paying off your debts in whatever way works.  Debt settlement companies are a great resource for the many ways in which you can pay off debt.  You may choose to pay your debts off one at a time, save up money and settle or some other option.  At the very least, you should contact a qualified debt settlement company to get some feedback as to your options.

7.    Contact a quality debt settlement company.  If you’re buried under unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills and personal loans, you need a quality debt settlement company to help you with your debt problems.  Debt settlement companies have helped millions of people deal with their debt problems by helping them negotiate their credit card debts.  Debt settlement companies can help you pay off your debts quicker and for less than you actually owe.

Debt Settle, Inc. specializes in the process of settling debts for our clients. Debt settlement is a relatively new form of debt relief that goes far beyond what debt consolidation and credit counseling can offer on many different fronts. your payments on consumer debt have become an unworkable burden, it’s time to consider your options on how to get things back in line. Call us at (866) 985 7388 or visit
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Debt Cancellation; What It Means

Debt cancellation refers to when an individual or even a country are completely cleared of debt. The creditor legally agrees to cancel a loan especially if the individual files for bankruptcy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one is totally exempted from paying back the loan. Many individuals who have credit card debt or student loans have a high chance of getting their debts canceled, depending on their circumstances.There are some debt cancellation policies for certain kinds of debts. Take for example if you have a credit card debt, a credit card company could come in and make some payments for you should you be in an extreme situation like the loss of a job or perhaps being completely disabled. However, should the situation get better, then you will be expected to return making payments.Individuals with mortgages can sometimes qualify for debt cancellation. When you are taking on a mortgage it is wise to read the fine print and ensure that there is a debt cancellation policy. This can save you if you can no longer make payments and are forced to sell the property to recover what you owe. The debt cancellation comes in if you end up selling your house for less than what it was mortgaged for, then you will not be apt to pay the extra amount owed.If you have a student loan, and your financial situation is bleak then arrangements can be made to defer the payments. If your situation is extreme, such as becoming disabled then usually you can qualify for debt cancellation. This is a good way for you to put your financial problems behind you and get a fresh start.

Mercy Maranga writes content on Finance and Debt Management. Visit her site here for more information on Finance and how to effectively Manage your debts.
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